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All sales are subject to cancellation without notice.

Notices of Sale are subject to cancellation, modification, and/or re-notice of sales. Every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the information contained herein… Specific information should be verified via the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.


Sale Information

Additional information & sample forms regarding the judicial sales procedure can be found in chapter 45.031 of the Florida Statutes. Refer to web links or click here for Florida Statutes. Everyone participating in a foreclosure sale proceeding should be aware of the Florida law.

  1. Foreclosure sales are held online at 11am on BEFORE the sale, persons wishing to bid must register with Real auction and fund their bidder account 2 days prior with their 5% deposit of their highest bid amount.
  2. Foreclosures are a BUYER BEWARE! All interested parties are responsible for obtaining any information they might need regarding the location, description, value and/or quality of title prior to attending the sale. The Clerk does not make any representations regarding the quality of title or the existence of liens. All properties are sold “AS IS”.
  3. The balance of the final bid amount, along with the Clerk’s fees and doc stamps must be in your bidder account within 24 hours of the sale. Be sure to check your invoices on Real Auction to pay your fees via your bidder account. If final payment is not received within 24 hours of the sale, the Clerk of Court will issue a Certificate of non-Sale, plaintiff will re-advertise the sale and pay all cost of the sale. Any remaining funds shall be applied toward the judgment. 
  4. All final bid amounts are deposited into the registry of the Court. Registry fees are assessed per Florida Statute 28.24 in addition to the bid price. The registry fee is 3% of the first $500.00, 1.5% of the balance of the total bid. Clerk’s registry fees will not be refunded.
  5. The Clerk can issue a Certificate of Title after a 10-day waiting period if no objection to the sale is filed. To have the property transferred into your name, you must provide Real Auction with the correct name and address as to how you would like your Certificate of Title to read. Documentary Stamps are required to record the Certificate of Title. They are $.70 on every $100.00 rounded to the next $100.00. 
  6. If an objection to the sale is filed within 10 days of the sale, the Court will determine the validity of the objection and direct the Clerk regarding the issuance of the Certificate of Title. The buyer may incur expenses and some time may elapse before the Title can be issued or the sale vacated. In the case of a sale being vacated, the bid amount will be refunded only by Court order.