Mission Statement

Dedicated people using leading edge technology to provide specialized services to our partners and constituents.

Vision Statement


Setting the Standard for Public Service

  • Service and Assistance
    Providing the highest level of service and assistance to the public takes the collective effort of many. Our many achievements are a direct result of the inherent talent, enthusiasm, pride and years of dedicated service of the employees of the Clerk of Courts.
  • Education
    Continuous employee education and training are the strength of any successful organization. Employees are afforded the opportunity of many educational seminars, which focus on basic and advanced concepts, and tools that may be applied to their daily work environment.
  • Technology
    Technology plays a significant role in the Clerk’s Office. As Flagler County continues to grow and its judicial system continues to respond to an increasing caseload, automation is essential for capturing, compiling and maintaining vital information.¬†Subscription Service access is available to individuals, law firms, title companies and businesses interested in viewing the official records from the convenience of their home or office. The investment to the customer is minimal while their savings are substantial.
  • Integrity
    All of us in the Office of the Flagler County Clerk of Courts are committed to the highest ethical standards in government and providing quality service in the most cost efficient manner.

Duties & Responsibilities

There are Over 1,000 Statutorily Defined, including:

  • Maintain Custody and Control of all Court Records
  • Official Records Custodian
  • Support and Attend Each Court Session
  • Child Support Depository
  • Conduct Judicial Sales
  • Process Marriage Licenses
  • Assist Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Process Jury Summons and Disburse Payments
  • Perform Marriage Ceremonies
  • Prepare Appellate Records
  • Collect & Disburse Fines, Court Costs, Fees, Documentary Stamps & Intangible Tax
  • Assist Parties Filing Small Claims
  • Administer Oaths
  • Compile and Report Statistical & Financial Data